Jake and Eileen

“There’s instant coffee, there’s eggs and there’s toast – breakfast with Jake and Eileen.”

I can see this picture in my mind.  I see them at the table with vinyl table cloth in that country kitchen.  I see the white mug, slightly stained, that Jake drinks his Nescafe coffee from.   I can feel the mix of crunch and softness of the toast.  I can taste the jam – homemade strawberry from last year’s crop.

I wrote this as a gift for Linda on our 25th wedding anniversary. I fell in love with these two and their story.

Yes, it’s fictional.  Yes, it’s autobiographical to the degree that one can write a future autobiography.   Yes, I don’t drink (as much).  I take out the garbage.  And yes — I don’t dance.  But on that night when we celebrated our 25th anniversary, whil, I held her tight and tried not to step on her toes.

Listen for yourself to Jake and Eileen




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